Moonshard Island Life

As the headline stated, WELCOME TO MOONSHARD ISLAND LIFE !! This is a game where you play the role as a farmer to manage a piece of land your father who lives in the city. You have achieved a proper reputation in your father’s company and earn the respect of every colleague, and now your father is leaving you in charge with a piece of land and you have to start from scratch to prove how well can you handle yourself.


Enjoy this game with :
~ Daily taskings with extra rewards and bonuses ! ~
~ Managing the farm with easy Harvest and Production system ! ~
~ Playing wide varieties of mini games from fishing, mining and a lot more ! ~
~ Experience the Item Bargaining System with other players online and do trading across the entire world ! ~
~ Enjoy certain promotions in the game which can help you achieve better goals ! ~
~ Cash Item available !! ~


We are hoping that this game will bring addictive entertainment to every player, learning on how to schedule certain activities and experience real-time management and making certain decisions. Getting coordinated with other players in gaining business making experience in terms of communications and negotiations about prices and items trading !!


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