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Wendy Zhu
Dennis Liu
Chen Yuang Fook

Hello Fans, Players and Visitors !! Welcome to our web page !!

Allow us to introduce ourselves ! Our company name is IDEA 2 INFINITY, all these passion are sparked with the urge to create an entertainment platform for everyone to enjoy. We started our project and company foundations altogether during the year of 2016, we start from a very small number of people, with only one designer, one programmer, and one editor. Regardless of the limited resources we have, we are trying our best to bring out the highest quality of performance to everyone’s satisfaction !

Our company aims and objective is try to bring out more inspiration and invest the ideas into game which can be a very suitable for everyone to play ranging from old to young adult even children, and an attraction to both gender by making the game neutral based perspective in without making the game too feminine or too masculine.

As the project goes on run, we are also aiming to achieve bigger breakthrough by bringing a major satisfaction to all the players so that the game will be shared among themselves, we will also put more effort to build a bigger team, enabling more ideas and more special features to be slowly updated into the game.

We hope that you enjoy the game to your heart’s content, if you found a bug or have a comment on where to improve, please go to our suggestion box feedback or write comment in the site, we as admin will keep a constant monitor of the updated post and make improvement to fit player’s appetite of gaming experience!