Strategy for Playing Moonshard Island Life !

Strategy for Playing Moonshard Island Life By Idea2Infinity

Welcome new and beginning players to Moonshard Islands Life ! I know that this game might seem a bit complicated at first, but our Beginners Guide will help you learn where to start in the game.

  1. While playing the game, focus on leveling and earn as much coin as possible.
  2. Do not forget to do a request order, for that is one of the fastest way to boost up your experience the earn more coins!
  3. Always check your inbox on a daily basis for free goodies and upcoming event in the News section !!!
  4. Make sure you are online on the day of every last month, and do not miss the chance to open the leaderboard and receive the monthly prize, for the prize given is very valuable,depanded on your rank.
  5. Make sure you do not sell your item below the cost of production, or else you won’t make profit out of it.
  6. Every Merchant in Rainbow Valley has an event at certain date, remember to check the website for the event dates and content.
  7. Depending on the events, every merchants have fluctuating selling/ buying rates, including high price selling and low price buying scenarios as well as high quantities of item available.
  8. Every RAW items like fruits and vegies can be consume as EXP by double tap it from the storage !
  9. Visit Silvermoon Port to do bargain with other player !!

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